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Hi and welcome to my web page for start-up projects, not too different from Kickstarter. Everywhere you see paper documents there's an app just waiting to take it's place.

The Blog

The first project is the blog. This application doesn't require any real-time features. It is perfect for a first project. Check out the functions and the design, and if you like, read the content.

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The News App

This is a technique that uses XML and RSS. In less than two minutes you get an update of whats happening in the world - perfect with your morning coffee, or if you are a mormon: the morning herbal tea.

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Coming Projects

There is a few project ideas in queue actually. For example a homepage for a board game association. There will be another section for just ideas, so check back soon.


The person behind this web page is me, coding is pretty much all I do. Me, my server and I are sitting in my grandma's basement in Sweden.